Repertoire and Resources Leaders

Oregon ACDA’s board is made up of members who are appointed by the president to serve for two year terms. They’re called R&R Chairs (Repertoire and Resources). They fall into four categories: (1) Collegiate Choirs (serving students and directors in all institutions of higher learning in the state), (2) Life Long Choirs (serving singers and directors of community and professional groups of all ages as well as those who direct church choirs), (3) Repertoire Specific Choirs (serving jazz choirs, specific women’s and men’s choirs, and multi-cultural choirs, and (4) Youth Choirs (serving school choirs and directors of all levels and the organizations that support these groups).

The following four columns (in twos) provide information on Oregon’s R&R leaders (board members).
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Collegiate Choirs, Justin Smith, Coordinator Life Long Choirs, John Buehler, Coordinator

Collegiate Choirs
Justin Smith, Chair
Marylhurst University
PO Box 261
Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261
Work: 503-636-8141
Cell: 713 294 2701

Community Choirs
John Buehler, Chair
Cannon Beach Chorus
P. O. Box 1310
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
785-691-7202 (C)

Student Activities
Eric Foley
5000 Deer Park Dr.
Salem, OR 97317
Music in Worship
Student Representative
Terence Madlangbayan
101 Benton Hall
1650 SW Pioneer Place
Corvallis, OR 9733

Community Colleges
Ida Jo Gates


Repertoire Specific Choirs, Coordinator (open) Youth Choirs, David Brown, Coordinator
Open David Brown, Coordinator
Contemporary a cappella/Commercial
Julia Voorhies
Oregon City High School
Children and Community
Lucy Neary
Ethnic/Multi-Cultural Perspectives
Aubrey Patterson
Junior High/Middle School Choirs
Kaeli Porter
Cinda Reeves-Snyder – left
Men’s Choirs
Zach Schwalbach
Senior High School Choirs
Will Fox 
 Women’s Choirs
Sandy Babb
Oregon State University
 Jazz Choirs
Kathleen Hollingsworth

Non-R&R Board Positions
Adjudication – Steve Zielke
ACDA/OMEA Liaison – Karen Bohart
Membership – Helen Dietz
Web/Editor/Newsletter – Howard Meharg
Industry Rep – Brad Mastrangelo
Music Literacy – John Baker