Dates for your calendar!

NWACDA Conference – Spokane, Washington, March 11-14, 2020 – Information about performing choir audition material, exhibits, interest sessions to be provided HERE when available.

The OR ACDA Fall workshop is set for October 26, 2019 and will be held at Pacific University, Forest Grove. Further information and registration here when it is available.

Oregon ACDA’s last conference was held Saturday, October 27, 2018 in Forest Grove on the beautiful campus of Pacific University. We’ll leave the schedule and other information (below) on the website as a reference for a few weeks.

Photos taken by Pam Nordquist can be viewed by clicking on the link to Oregon ACDA’s Facebook page HERE.

Takeaways from Steve Peter’s session can be found  at this link.
Steve Peter-Takeaways from Skill Building FCW 18

Steve Peter also supplied the following YouTube links for songs he used in his sessions on October 27:
One Bright and Sunny Morning – Rob Amchin

Sesere eeye – initial movement/steps tutorial

Sesere eeye – performance demonstration

Pass the Beat Around the Room – Australian Instructional video

I Am Slowly Going Crazy – Original song (clapping sequence added as song progresses…single clap on one; double clap on two..etc.)

Bring Me Little Water Sylvie – dozens of YouTube tutorials available

Take Me Coco, The Dopplers – clapping sequence begins at 2’40”, but the entire YouTube post is full of interesting rhythmic and stylistic features (7/4 opening’s my favorite)