Dates for your calendar!

NWACDA Conference – Spokane, Washington, March 11-14, 2020 – Information about performing choir audition material, exhibits, interest sessions provided HERE.

This link is to a page about the 2019 OR ACDA fall conference. The event is now past history, but you may find need for this page as a reference HERE.

We leave the links below online. They’re related to the 2018 OR ACDA conference:

Takeaways from Steve Peter’s session can be found  at this link.
Steve Peter-Takeaways from Skill Building FCW 18

Steve Peter also supplied the following YouTube links for songs he used in his sessions on October 27:
One Bright and Sunny Morning – Rob Amchin

Sesere eeye – initial movement/steps tutorial

Sesere eeye – performance demonstration

Pass the Beat Around the Room – Australian Instructional video

I Am Slowly Going Crazy – Original song (clapping sequence added as song progresses…single clap on one; double clap on two..etc.)

Bring Me Little Water Sylvie – dozens of YouTube tutorials available

Take Me Coco, The Dopplers – clapping sequence begins at 2’40”, but the entire YouTube post is full of interesting rhythmic and stylistic features (7/4 opening’s my favorite)