Certified Adjudicators – 2019

Please click or press Certifed-Adjudicators-2019-updated-3-6-19 for PDF showing names and contact information for 2018 certified choral adjudicators. (Use your “back” arrow to return.)

Adjudicator Chair, Dr. Steve Zielke, urges you to gain certification as OSAA/OMEA/ACDA adjudicator

NOTE: *Certified adjudicators must attend an Oregon ACDA Certifying Workshop/Training (W/T) at least once every five years in order to maintain their certification. They must also maintain active ACDA membership. An adjudicator’s certification status will lapse on the fifth anniversary of her/his certification, but may be extended a grace period until the end of that school year. Those who have not re-certified after the 5 years (plus one-year grace period) will have their names removed from the list until they participate in an ACDA Adjudicator Certifying W/T. For more information about this list or the certification process for Oregon choral adjudicators, contact Dr. Steven Zielke, Oregon ACDA Adjudication Chair. szielke@oregonstate.edu. 541.737.5584